Only You

Mahdi Hashemi

Ghazni, Afghanistan, raised in Iran

We now see times,
In which you are there,
And just you.

You love and you are not loved.
You feel intimacy and nobody is there,
To lean on.

You have everything. and yet you have nothing.
The wound hidden,
Behind the veil of tears,
The secret remains unread.

Translation from Farsi: Aarash D. Spanta
Foto © Rottkay

Mahdi Hashemi (16)

When he was an infant, his family fled from Afghanistan to Iran. There, he grew up as a refugee, close to the capital Tehran. Mahdi Hashemi writes about why Afghan refugees in Iran even apologise for breathing the air there. Photo © Rottkay

Like An Arrow

Mahdi Hashemi

Ghazni, Afghanistan, aufgewachsen in Iran


It took a month the trip,
That wasn’t a trip at all,
But rather a horror,
In the land of hope.

Now I am waiting for a paper,
That may contain bitterness and grief.
And I feel like an arrow.
Which should return
To its bow.

Übersetzung aus dem Persischen: Aarash D. Spanta
Foto © Rottkay

Mahdi Hashemi (16)

Als Säugling floh seine Familie aus Afghanistan nach Iran. Er wuchs als Flüchtling auf, nahe der Hauptstadt Teheran. Mahdi Hashemi schreibt darüber, warum sich afghanische Flüchtlinge in Iran sogar dafür entschuldigen, dort die Luft zu atmen. Foto © Rottkay