Beginning of life

Mohamad Mashghdost

Bandar Anzali, Iran

The beginning of life was,
That I did not exist.

There was a mother.
She was my God.

It was an unrequited love.
There was a father.
He was never there.

The body came to rest,
But not the mind.
I was without solac.

The sister wanted to be a mother to me.
But she was tired.
I loved the mother.
She died.

I wanted to leave
And I stayed.
I wanted to stay
And I left.

Leaving was not important
And neither was staying.
I was important,
I, who did not exist.

Translation from Farsi: Aarash D. Spanta


The Poetry Project, Foto © Rottkay

Mohamad Mashghdost (18)

The son of a taxi driver from Bandar-e Ansali, Iran, set off for Europe in autumn. At home, he was afraid of being drafted into the war in Syria. In Berlin, Mohamad Mashghdost wrote some outstanding poems about the lack of meaning and his native Iran. Today he lives in Husum. Photo © Rottkay


Mohamad Mashghdost

Bandar Anzali, Iran

I’ve left my home, my heart.
Now it is like sleep and dream
And burns in the depths of my body.
The weeping mother has sent me forth.

The troubles are over, I said.
I packed and went on my way.
Body and soul I left to the ocean,
God, I still exist, thank you.

May God curse the sea that devours bodies.
Prayer and love for my sister helped me arrive.
But my eyes have seen the colors of despair.

Translation from Farsi: Aarash D. Spanta
Foto © Rottkay

Mohamad Mashghdost (18)

Der Sohn eines Taxifahrers aus Bandar-e Ansali, Iran, machte sich im Herbst auf nach Europa. In der Heimat fürchtete er, in den Krieg nach Syrien eingezogen zu werden. In Berlin schrieb Mohamad Mashghdost einige herausragende Gedichte über die Sinnleere und seine Heimat Iran. Heute lebt er in Husum. Foto © Rottkay