Sasha Waltz & Guests

Foto © Rottkay
Shahzamir Hataki | Photo © Rottkay

One Step Closer – Listening

Sunday, 26.11.2017 • 16:30 • Radialsystem • Studio A

Three refugee teenagers have been rehearsing with dancers of the Kindertanzcompany Berlin since September 2017. They are part of the open third room LISTENING, by Sasha Waltz & Guests, which creates an intersection between art, politics, public and private. The voices of the poets, the different languages ​​- Persian and German - the imagery of their poems and their thoughts overlap with the music, move through the space in dance. The atmosphere inside the room becomes denser, as contrasts emerge between the lightness of the dancers and the melancholy of the texts, and dissolves again as the melodies unite. The voices of Shahzamir, Yasser, and Mahdi open up a dialogue and take the audience into their world of thoughts, their experiences, their view of things.

From November 24th to 26th, Sasha Waltz invites artists, activists, and the audience for a programme of dance, music, film, conversation, and joint meals at Radialsystem V. The main topics are »The Art of Resistance« and »Empowerment of Communities«.


International Literature Festival Berlin 2017

Foto © Rottkay
Presentation: Susanne Koelbl | Photo: Rottkay

Refugee Authors’ Literary Reports on their Arrival in Germany

Saturday 16.09.2017 • 14:30 • 17th Berlin International Literature Festival

Young refugees presented their reports on experiences, worries and hopes associated with their arrival in Germany - Kahel Kashmiri with »The Torn Shoes«, Mahdi Hashmedi with »Shedding Skin« and Shahzamir Hataki with »Lionhearted«. The actor Matthias Scherwenikas read the reports in German. Excerpts of the reports could be read during the festival as part of an exhibition at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele.

Long Night of Ideas

Foto © Rottkay
Photo: Rottkay

12.05.2017 • 19:00 • Auswärtiges Amt

An event of the Federal Foreign Office on the occasion of the Long Night of Ideas, in which contents of Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy were presented, showing links to culture and education in Germany. The Central Office for Schools Abroad has developed the language learning program »German language diploma« for Welcome Classes. During the long night, various language and cultural projects with Welcome Classes were presented jointly with other partners.

Federal Office of Administration