Czech RepublicPoemsSebastian Byrtus

Best Friend

Sebastian Byrtus

Staric, Czech Republic


My friend Honza
was the best.
Grey eyes, brown hair and very strong.
We did everything together.
We played, went around and had adventures.
We were like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and knew each other’s minds.
If one needed help, the other was there right away.

Today he is 1,100 kilometres away.
He misses me, I miss him.
I used to ring the doorbell.
Today I only write to him via Messenger.


Sebastian Byrtus (16)

lives with his family and two younger brothers in Wuppertal. They moved from Staric in the Czech Republic to Wuppertal because of his father’s work. He attends a comprehensive school and likes to play baseball and football. He likes his new home and wants to start his own family here and find work.