Mohamad NarbiPoemsSyria

Carrier Pigeon

Mohamad Narbi

Damascus, Syria


Now my poems fly to you,
like a carrier pigeon,
that brings the love, yearning and heart’s desires
of the loved one.

Do you know how many continents and seas
it has crossed
to see you?

Do you still, far away, ask about my well-being,
or not?
Do you know how my heart and my ribs are sunken,
in your absence?
Bird, fly on,
take to her the words of my love and yearning,
the words that fill my heart.


Mohamad Narbi (25)

would be a carrier pigeon if he could be an animal. From Damascus he came to Berlin, where he now attends the Emil Fischer School. In his free time he enjoys writing. He would like to become an actor.