Only Together

Armand Haji Ido

Alqush, Iraq


On the first day in Germany
I felt I was in the desert
For four days I was in prison
With only sand on the floor

To this day many people do not dare leave the house
Because the surroundings are not like their home
At the beginning I was left completely to myself
If you do not experience the loneliness of a foreign country
You do not know loneliness

When we arrived in Bulgaria
The police were waiting for us
Everyone was afraid of being arrested
And sent back

One woman fled and the police shot at her
She ran away out of fear and fell from a cliff
Because the woman was injured, we were not sent back

Some were arrested
Some fled
Cars came and took us

My mother said to me: run away
I said: I will not leave you alone


Armand Haji Ido (20)

was born in 1999 in the city of Alqush, in Niniveh Province in northern Iraq. Today he lives in Cologne, and in April 2019 took part in a workshop of the Poetry Project with his sister.