Foreign Soil

Diana Hamido

Aleppo, Syria


Yearning follows me like a shadow
a chain of memory that pulls me into the past.
I would like to cry.

When I think of my grandfather…

I hear his voice.
I see him sitting in his field,
proudly contemplating the infinite number of leaves.
He was like that.

Now he lies in foreign soil, in a foreign country.
I can hardly believe that he took leave of life.
I hear his dry voice.

I have seen countless fields,
but my grandfather’s field was the most beautiful.

I know that you put much love into this soil,
much work.
Oh, you did not know
that you would have to give it up,
the plants, the river.


Diana Hamido (20)

comes from Aleppo in Syria and is now attending class 12 in Berlin in for her high school graduation. She likes drawing and intends to study architecture after leaving school.