Beautiful Munich

Fanny Haimerl

Munich, Germany


How should I describe Munich?
How should I describe its splendour
to those who do not know it.
A place for beautiful people.

Envied by others.
That is Munich.

Where there is wealth.
Where people drive a Porsche.
Where people love themselves.
That is Munich.

A place I never have enough of.
Where I have my roots.
That is Munich.

Where the richest wonder who is the richest.
Where no price stops the greed.
That is Munich.

I miss your streets,
I miss your museums,
I miss your beer gardens,
where we went every summer.
I miss your nights,
which are warm and full of life.
That is Munich.

A city full of beauty.
A city full of light.
Where poverty is suppressed.
Where people close their eyes
to the misery.
Out of egoism.
Not out of fear.
That is Munich.


Fanny Haimerl (16)

would like to study literature and art history or documentary film after taking her Abitur school-leaving certificate. She lives in the centre of Munich with her brother and her parents. In her free time she often writes, draws and makes collages. She also likes to watch documentaries and listen to podcasts. But most of all she likes to travel, and when she is at home, she always longs for distant places.
This text relates to Rojin Namer’s Damascus.