About Longing for God

Hamed Mirzaie

Kunduz, Afghanistan


Faith is something that all people have within them
Some people see religion as something very great and valuable
And then there are people who do not believe in God
But, trusting their heart and their mind, rely on
What seems right and important to them in life

An example of the faithful
Are people who belong to Islam
For them, religion is highly important and significant
They want to stay true to it for ever
But unfortunately today there are numbers of terrorists
Who abuse Islam, cast a bad light on it
And cause destruction by their deeds
If you ask these people about Islam
They don’t know what is meant.


Hamed Mirzaie (16)

comes from Kunduz in Afghanistan. He came to Germany about three years ago. In his spare time he likes to read poems, play football and swim.