We Kill Our Dreams

Hani Shebel

Idlib, Syria


At that time he sat
in the dark, lonely cell of a prison.
The warder used to ask him:
Do you think that our power will end one day?
That your dreams will come true?
That you can shape your own future one day?

Then he laughed:
A mere dream, a mere dream!
We will burn down your lands,
kill your dreams!

Don’t you know
we are the gods of time.
If you want to live in peace,
look for a new home!


Hani Shebel (21)

comes from Idlib in Syria and is a member of the editorial board of the magazine Was Geht?!, where he is responsible for short films. His last short, War of Colours, attacks the racism that is currently prevalent in society. In the future, Hani would like to work in design.