I Had It, It Has Gone

Lilly Friedrich

Babelsberg, Germany


I am alone.
I sit here and think.
The house is empty.
The room is empty.
Grief constricts my heart, torments me.
It stabs at my bowels.
Coldness enfolds me.
Something has gone.

I had it.
It protected and supported me.
It warmed and comforted me.
It was a kind of home.
It gave me love and zest for life.
It was important to me.
It was everywhere within me.

But they have gone.
Only now am I truly aware of it.
I need them.
I need my family.
But they were taken from me.
And now I am alone.
I sit here and think.


Lilly Friedrich (12)

attends the Bertha von Suttner School, where she is a member of the “Pupils Write” group, which meets regularly to produce joint texts. She also belongs to the team “Schools without Racism – Schools with Courage”.