Lulya Yigzaw

Wendelstein, Germany


I felt like a stranger
when I arrived at the new school.
I felt like a stranger
because I knew nobody.
Everyone had a person
that they belonged to.
I had no one.

I felt like a stranger
because I was different from the others.
I behaved differently
and the colour of my skin was different.
I was shy
and hardly dared
say a word
because I was afraid of the others’ reactions.

But this feeling disappears
if you feel accepted,
feel you belong.

Because ultimately
you always find a person
with whom you never feel like a stranger.


Lulya Yigzaw (14)

lives in Wendelstein and goes to high school there. At school she takes part in the “School without Racism – School with Courage” working group and explores, among other things, the question of how to treat others with respect in everyday school life and what can be done to oppose every form of discrimination.