Compassion on the Back of a Fly

Sadat Pana Sayed

Kunduz, Afghanistan


In arrogance, humans are destined to fail,
Because God does not love arrogant people.
Usually people become arrogant
As soon as they have achieved a little fame.
As soon as they have achieved fame,
They suddenly forget everything:
Who they once were,
Who they once wanted to be.
Such people lack dignity and respect.
Just because they are rich,
They no longer want to touch the hand of a poor person.

If a rich man
Were to pile all of his possessions
On the back of an elephant,
It would break down.
But if he placed his compassion on the back of a fly,
It would be able to fly to the Hindu Kush.


Sadat Pana Sayed (21)

comes from Afghanistan and has lived in Berlin for three years. He trains at boxing, because his wish is to become a professional boxer.