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Dear Night

Sameh Dib

Galil, Syria


Nature is changing now.
Autumn followed by winter.
The quietness kills itself.
Everything is transitory.

The earthquake screams at the birds in Galil.
Dear Galil: you live on in my heart,
whether or not they want this.
Dear night: I feel your pain,
I am with you.
Dear night: your sad songs bore me.

Stars of the night: don’t be sad.
Birds of paradise sing dark songs for you.
Oh, if only I could sing like you.


Sameh Dib (17)

is a Syrian Palestinian. His passport records that he is stateless. For Sameh, home is the smell of Syrian basil. In 2016 he had to flee. In Leipzig he was reunited with his sister, and today they live together in Berlin, where Sameh Dib attends the Emil Fischer School in Wittenau.