Donation Certificate

With classic transfers, we recieve 100% of your donation. They generate no fees.

In July 2017, The Poetry Project e.V. was approved by the Finanzamt Berlin as a non-profit organization. Thus, all donations to this project are tax deductible. For donations up to 200 €, you can submit our simplified proof of donation ⬇︎ together with the payment slip (for example, account statements) to the tax office. Proof of donation from us is not necessary.

If you donate more than 200 €, we ask you to please provide your e-mail address in the transfer (!). Please use “-at-” instead of “@”. Our treasurer (contact Prof. Dr. Tilman Mischkowsky, email: can only send you an acknowledgment of receipt and a donation certificate for the finance office.

We will treat e-mail addresses according to data privacy regulations and not pass them on to third parties.