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Ghani Ataei

Ghani Ataei | Foto © Rottkay
Photo © Rottkay

Ghani (*2000) grew up in the ancient Afghan trading city of Herat on the Iranian border. His father was killed in the war, and his mother died in an accident. An orphan, he set off alone to Germany at the age of fifteen.
Despite working in a bakery at weekends on the side, Ghani has now successfully completed year eleven at the Ruth Cohn School for Social Affairs, and following internships in an anthroposophical kindergarten and a home for senior citizens is now well on the way to school graduation. He is interested in German philosophy and Max Weber, and would later like to become a graduate in social education.
In 2018 Ghani Ataei was awarded the Else Lasker-Schüler Poetry Prize.


Ghani Ataei Herat, Afghanistan They killed in the village before my eyes. Four days I could not speak. Four days ...