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How does The Poetry Project work?

The Poetry Project | Foto © Rottkay
Aarash D. Spanta | Photo © Rottkay

The poets and their mentors have been meeting regularly to write and workshop their poems since December 2015.

The participation of translator Aarash D. Spanta was a stroke of luck. A lawyer and son of a prominent Afghan politician, Aarash comes from an intellectual family from Herat, in western Afghanistan, and understands the deep symbolism of the Persian language.

Writing in their Mother Tongue, the poets explore themes suggested by themselves and by the mentors (for example why they have come, what they experienced on the journey here, what they are expecting from Germany and from their new lives, what they have actually found and what they miss). The poets write for 15-30 minutes. Each presents his own work, and then together we wrestle with the intended meanings of passages, phrases and words. These exercises are full of magical moments of mutual recognition.