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How does The Poetry Project work?

Schreibworkshop | Foto © Rottkay
Workshop | Photo © Rottkay

Since December 2015, young people all over Germany have been meeting regularly with workshop facilitators and translators to write poems.

They write in their native language about subjects that move us all. About the young people’s experiences, their expectations, their ideas for the future. About foreignness and longing, about hope and love, and not least about current politics. At the end of a workshop day, all read out their works, and together we often struggle to ascertain how a certain place in the text, a word or a particular phrase, may be meant, in order to find the most suitable translation.

These are wonderful moments of mutually recognising and being recognised, for which we are looking for public platforms. The poems that emerge from the workshops are presented at readings and festivals, and in magazines, radio items, dramas and films, so that as many people as possible can take part in this continuing intercultural dialogue. A first volume of poems, our anthology, was published in early 2018. In the same years, the Else Lasker-Schüler Poetry Prize was awarded to the texts printed there. In 2019 more young poets received the THEO - Berlin-Brandenburg Prize for Young Literature in the categories poetry and linguistic spaces.