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Kahel Kaschmiri

Kahel Kaschmiri | Foto © Rottkay
Photo © Rottkay

Kahel Kaschmiri (*2000) grew up in a family of eight in the Afghan province of Ghazni. A militia commander had taken against him, and Kahel, then fourteen years old, fled through Iran in the car trunk of a people-smuggler. After 29 days fleeing by car and on foot, he finally reached Berlin and had to make a life without his family. He does not like to be reminded of his first period in the city and his temporary accommodation in a hotel. Kahel does not need to do without Afghan food, as he is now able to cook for himself everything that his mother made for him when he was a child. His texts are devoted to observing the contrasts between life in Ghazni and in Berlin. Today he is a pupil in year ten, and after completing school in summer will begin training in the hotel business.
In 2018 Kahel Kashmiri was awarded the Else Lasker-Schüler Poetry Prize.

My Last Summer in Afghanistan

Kahel Kaschmiri Ghazni, Afghanistan   was hot; the rays of the sun burned so much that I could barely work. ...


Kahel Kaschmiri Ghazni, Afghanistan If only you were here, I would kiss your feet. I would bow before you And ...