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My Home is My Paradise

Simon Darwish

Damascus, Syria


My home is my paradise.
My home is the home of beauty.
My home, where I went to school, where I felt loved and felt good.
My home, where I had pleasure in studying with my friends.
My home in Damascus, where I enjoyed warm, good food in the cosy restaurants close to the historic walls of the Old Town.
My home is the end of the street, where I ate delicious ice cream at Bagdash.
My home is the good books at the annual book fair in Damascus.
My home is my beloved mother, who still waits for me in Damascus.
My mother, whose scent and tenderness I miss so much.
I have lost my homeland and all the things that I loved.
I have gone away from my mother.
Only because of the war.


Simon Darwish (15)

came to Germany from Syria a year ago. His father has been living here for four years, and the rest of the family has stayed in Damascus. Simon loves to write poems. In this way he also wishes to improve his German. He wants to get his school-leaving certificate and dreams of becoming an actor.