Glory OsazuwaNigeriaPoems

Night Time

Glory Osazuwa

Edo State, Nigeria


Night is cold
Night is sad for some
Night is so dark
Night comes and goes
Like my love for you

Night is time for me to sleep and dream of you
Night is everywhere I go
Night is time for some people to have fun
Night is so alone for me

I hate the night because it reminds me of you
Night was when we had fun
Night is so alone now

Night is what you love
Now the night is what I hate
Because of you


Glory Osazuwa (18)

comes from Edo State in Nigeria. She has lived in Germany for three years without her family. In summer she will complete her school certificate in the upper grade in Fürstenwalde. Glory dreams of becoming a doctor or lawyer. In her homeland she attended school for six years.