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Samiullah Rasouli

Samiullah Rasouli, Foto @ Rottkay
Photo © Rottkay

Samiullah Rasouli (*1999) grew up in Ghazni, Afghanistan. For five years until the death of his father, Samiullah attended school, but then had to earn money for the family. In late 2015 at the age of sixteen he came to Germany with his cousin. Their flight had lasted forty days. In Berlin it was almost a year before Samiullah had the opportunity to go to school. All he knew about Germany at first was that the language is very difficult, and eventually he learned it in a welcome class. He reached level B2 and was able to start an apprenticeship in the hotel trade with the help of his mentor. Next he would like to complete his school graduation certificate, then study politics. The most difficult situation for him in Germany was when he received notification that he would be deported. Only in a subsequent legal hearing was it decided that Samiullah may stay in Germany.
In 2018 Samiullah Rasouli was awarded the Else Lasker-Schüler Poetry Prize.


Samiullah Rasouli Ghazni, Afghanistan   We sat on the flatbed of the truck, In the desert of Nimruz, when we ...


Samiullah Rasouli Ghazni, Afghanistan   When I say women, I mean real women, Those with eyebrows, real noses, and shoulders. ...


Samiullah Rasouli Ghazni, Afghanistan If you love me for my beauty,Then love me not.Love instead the sun and its rays. ...