GermanyHelena von BeymePoems

Where Do I Belong?

Helena von Beyme

Berlin, Germany


It is not a place
Perhaps a smile
A friendly word
My place is here
The sun in my face
Next to you
Somehow I am searching
Where do I want to go?
I am searching for myself

When I am lonely
I float in words
And try not to drown
I find consolation between sentences
I curl up in word niches
Try to please
And yet to be myself
These questions again and again
What do you do?
Where are you from?
Now an ebb-tide of words
Now a sea of letters

When you ask me
where I belong
I say here and there at the same time
Where I belong
Is not a constant place
Where I belong
A smile is quotidian
But no less lovely
Where I belong
People go hand in hand
Where I belong is more than a city,
more than a country
Where I belong
Familiar eyes shine


Helena von Beyme (17)

grew up in Berlin. She dances and loves to sing, even though this occasionally annoys her family. Her favourite season is summer, as she loves sunny weather. She has always been fascinated by language, and regards writing poems as a valuable way of expressing feelings.