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Yasser Niksada

Yasser Niksada | Foto © Rottkay
Photo © Rottkay

Yasser Niksada (*2002) comes from the Panshir Valley in Afghanistan. Ten years ago, the Niksada family fled to Tehran, where they still live as refugees. But this is no life, says Yasser. That is why the family sent him, then aged thirteen, to Europe. It was a difficult journey by land and sea. For Yasser, one of the main differences between Tehran and Berlin is the absence of his two brothers and sisters, but most of all he misses his parents. Now sixteen years old, he is at school in year nine and after taking his leaving certificate would like to start an apprenticeship as a car mechanic. In the poems that he writes in Persian, his native language, Yasser takes up the theme of being torn in different directions, and by writing comes to terms with his experiences while fleeing.


On Tehran

Yasser Niksada Panshir, Afghanistan   I myself am only the story of a refugee in Iran. I have burdened myself ...


Yasser Niksada Panshir, Afghanistan   Compared to my pain, you are small. You tell me I take everything away from ...


Yasser Niksada Panshir, Afghanistan, raised in Iran Be next to me and seeWhat has happened to me.It is over, the ...