Every year at the beginning of the autumn book season in Germany, the Erlangen Poets’ Festival is held. With one hundred events and more than eighty participating authors, literary critics and publicists, the Erlanger Poetenfest is one of the biggest and most prestigious literary festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

This year, at the 38th Erlangen Poets’ Festival, the Poetry Project was represented. 

Visitors to the festival gathered in the beautiful palace garden to attend numerous readings, panels and discussions.

Alongside Christoph Ransmayr, Daniel Kehlmann and Nora Bossong, our young poets Shahzamir Hataki, Rojin Namer, Robina Karimi, Yasser Niksada, Samiullah Rasouli and Mahdi Hashemi touched and delighted a large audience with their poems.

 The event was about more than simply reading and listening, however. All festival guests had the opportunity to visit us in our three tents. In the Quiet Tent, the premiere of our new film »To Europe Alone« was celebrated, in the Poetry Tent visitors could try their hand at writing poetry themselves, and in the Exhibition Tent they could read the award-winning works of The Poetry Project authors in peace and quiet. We had the opportunity to talk about the project to many interested persons and to exchange views. During the two days of the festival, we had a lot of fun with our Poetry Lottery. Every lottery ticket was rewarded with both a poem and at the same time a prize from our new merchandise collection.



Poetry tent
Poetry tent
Image: © Rottkay