»Be next to me and see what has happened to me.«

The Poetry Project is an innovative literary dialogue project that supports young people with refugee backgrounds as they express their experiences through poetry. The project specifically uses the poetic form to express and preserve feelings and stories in verse. Things that seem unspeakable at first are transformed into an artistic dialogue; conversely, things that once seemed “foreign” become more familiar.

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Testimonies of the Future - Stories of Tomorrow's Germans

Unfortunately, contemporary German literature does not adequately reflect our rapidly changing society. Most refugees — especially those who are young — have come to Germany to stay. However, they can only fully arrive in Germany when they can contribute to the social discourse and when society listens to what they have to say. Otherwise, they are here only in a physical sense. This means participating in the narratives that shape collective identity and the bonds that hold society together.

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Have you fled to Germany? Is your mother tongue Arabic, Kurdish, Persian or Ukrainian? Are you between 15 and 27 years old? Would you like to write about your experience alongside others? Then get in touch with us! We can be reached by email, WhatsApp or Instagram.

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»What can be heard in these poems is intuition, experience, and emotion, directly transformed into verbal images. Perhaps Kafka would have said: like an axe for the frozen sea within us.«

—Joseph Vogl

»A performance...that one already knows one day will belong in the German Historical Museum.«

—Gustav Seibt

»We really live in a kind of bubble here. It simply does us good to engage with these desperate situations. This, I think, is to receive a great gift.«

—Herbert Grönemeyer