was born in 1996 in the Kurdish city Muş, officially eastern Turkey. He loved learning from a young age, and to read and write, and it soon became clear to him that neither he wished to give up reading and writing, nor did reading and writing want to give up on him. Under the Turkish state, however, he received no education in his first language, instead having to learn Turkish. When he heard that a Kurdish studies department had been established in northern Kurdistan, he gave up everything to be able to study there, and ended up dedicating himself entirely to reading and writing in Kurdish. His poems and texts were published in journals and newspapers, and have received awards. Furthermore, he has worked as a journalist and editor. State pressure and other circumstances forced him to leave the country, and he became a refugee. So Bahadȋn has been living in Berlin for the past year; he wants to learn new languages, and to carry on his previous literary work in the German capital.