How can I ever start to speak of you?
Shall I talk about a country, children, mothers?
I can’t pin my feelings for you down.

Hate - Rage - Injustice

Rage at those who
our house
our childhood
our dreams.

The pain of a survivor,
who hasn’t forgotten
her past
and her country
and won’t forget.

What did we do
to be expelled
from our fields
and from our homes?

They let us
be born
and live
in a land
that was not our own.

And we loved the homelands
that are not our homelands.

This is our tragedy.
Our land was stolen from us,
houses razed,
mothers made to cry.

Children persecuted even inside the womb.
Human beings driven across Palestine’s borders,
including my grandparents.

Love for Palestine stays in the heart.
Until the sun rises in the west.