Premiere evening: For the very first time, the BiPoC Poetry Night of the feminist pub collective Café Cralle took place in Wedding - and we were there. On 03.03.2024, BiPoC authors from Berlin presented their texts in an open, multilingual reading evening in front of a diverse pub audience.

Our poets Rojin Namer and Leyla Akyildiz each presented several poems. Leyla read her fairytale-like text The Crow and the Girl in Kurdish as an introduction, in which she addresses themes of sorrow and loss - but also the significance of storytelling, even in processing that sorrow. The German translation was read by Rojin. She then presented her own texts in German. The reading ended with the poignant lines from Rojin's poem Reflection of Hypocrisy: "What remains is my soul that has fled into your walls, / which now sinks in YOUR sea. / Unity and justice and freedom. / Now you force me to flee from YOU."

We thank the pub collective Café Cralle for allowing us to be part of this special evening.