A look back, back in time
What was my life like?
What was my childhood like?
I see everything as in a dream
I am not sure what is true
I feel it now!
But scarcely
I want to know what my world was like
My friends and family
I was too small to understand
Now I am older and can see much
Truth is cold. I have to survive

A look back, back in time
It is dangerous
And yet I love my past
Who am I, who will I be
So many questions
The answer does not come to me

A look back, back in time
I was a good girl
I thought life was like a fairy tale
Full of innocence I went through the world
I did not know about its cruelty
I had to give up my feelings
Up to this point in time
I have learned much
A look back, back to the future