A lovely sunny day in Egypt.
I was playing football with my friends.
Suddenly, an angry voice.
She yelled at me in front of my friends.

I had to go with her.
The destination: a big room.
Full of people.

Happy birthday, dear Hussein!
It was my birthday!

Many people were there,
And brought fine presents.
A neck-chain and a golden bracelet
Were gifts from my father.

We danced, ate,
celebrated, laughed.
It was a wonderful evening.

Eventually we wanted to go home.
At the car we had a shock.
It had been broken into.
The presents stolen.

Fortunately I had the chain around my neck.
And the bracelet on my arm.
I had the best presents on me.

I don’t know where they are now.
To come here,
I had to sell them.