How should I describe Munich?
How should I describe its splendour
to those who do not know it.
A place for beautiful people.

Envied by others.
That is Munich.

Where there is wealth.
Where people drive a Porsche.
Where people love themselves.
That is Munich.

A place I never have enough of.
Where I have my roots.
That is Munich.

Where the richest wonder who is the richest.
Where no price stops the greed.
That is Munich.

I miss your streets,
I miss your museums,
I miss your beer gardens,
where we went every summer.
I miss your nights,
which are warm and full of life.
That is Munich.

A city full of beauty.
A city full of light.
Where poverty is suppressed.
Where people close their eyes
to the misery.
Out of egoism.
Not out of fear.
That is Munich.