Greetings, dear friend,
Many days have passed since we poured out our hearts to each other.
I never wanted to be far away from you.
You were the only one who understood me.
Now I am far from my family.
For a year now.
In this year, life taught me much.
To go out alone, to go to the shop alone, to eat alone, to sit alone.
Alone – that is very difficult.
Loneliness is an affliction that can drive you to extremes.
But then you don’t do what you thought in those dark hours.
Friendliness, friendship and emotions, all of this is absent here.
So much being alone makes me exhausted.
The love of your father and mother, by contrast, never tires.
True love lies in this relationship, of parents to children and children to parents.
Outside this relationship, everything is meaningless.
I live from the hope of meeting again.