Love is a matter that many are concerned with.
Some are successful, others fail.

What happens to those who love?
To those who stay together and those who part ways?

I confess: For us young men it is difficult to walk in the streets,
in the clubs, at school.
When we see how they present themselves, how they talk, how they dress.

Humans have ears, noses, eyes, senses.
They hear. They smell. They see. Feel desire.
Girls and boys.

You know, a boy falls in love via the eye.
And when he falls in love, he pursues that love.
But does he find it too?
In this state, there are only two options.
Either they stay together and grow old together.
There are only a few of that sort.
Or they break up after a short time.

But in the short time they are together, they do many things together.
They give each other deep insights into their soul.
A deep connection develops.
We men fear being exposed to ridicule.
That's why separation is so hard for us men.