My last summer in Berlin was warm,

The sun’s rays burned so strongly,
That I went swimming almost every day.

Who already works during summer break?
Not working means at most,
Not being able to buy a new iPhone this year.
I splashed my face with water,

Picked up an ice cream and chilled with my friends,
To see them before I left for vacation.

Upon arrival in Turkey,
I almost didn’t notice the summer at all,
Because the hotel was always air-conditioned.
It was only hot outside.

The tourists all ran to the beach,
Or laid in the spa,
Or went on sight-seeing tours.

And I was amazed,
How was it that they ran to the beach,
Or laid in the spa or went on sight-seeing tours,
And still managed to get something from the buffet.

But summer in Germany wasn’t just warm,
It hurt. It was the pain of my friends,
My brother’s desperation, my sister’s hopelessness,
Because we all had to go back to school so soon.

I wonder,
Did summer break only pass so quickly for me,
Or did it feel the same for others?