I am a person
Who was created free
I do not want to be disregarded, without rights
Because of my female gender
I do not want
A third person to decide for me
And sell me like goods

No one has the right
To raise a hand against me
And to molest me
From society’s point of view
I am not a good girl
Because the image of our society
Prescribes submission to everything
And renouncing your wishes

I do not have the right to raise my voice there
Innocent, cowardly and shy
No loud laughter
Not drawing attention to myself
Being as invisible as possible

When I hold up my head
I am acting contrary
To what is considered being a good girl
Those whom I love
And who love me
Are the first to hold me back
They join forces
To shape me according to their views

This is the place
That I am forced to fight against
Those who are closest are becoming distant from me

There are only two paths for me:
To become what I want
Or what society expects
I decide for the first
Mine is the path of freedom
I want to live free
Even if I must give my life for this