No word is right.
How can you express your feeling so well?
You are so young. Your words so grown-up.
You speak of yourself. It goes straight to my heart.
I have a nice life.
That’s why your pain hits me – becomes mine.
Why you? Why me?
Hate. War. Flight. Unfair.

No word is right.
I burst with guilt.
How can I sit here quietly?
Sometimes forgetting everything else completely?
The hardship? The flight? As if only I existed!
If I were you, you were I – then I would need you.
So that you would speak for us, for us humans, a friendly world.
So that you would make contacts, would give hope.
Because I need hope. We need hope. All of us.

No word is right.
Only beating about the bush.
I can’t fittingly describe how I feel about it.
To hear, one person to another:
That people only die because they live.

I want to help!
See myself starting campaigns.
“Too little.”
Ships sail
“Too little.”
Donate money.
“Too little.”
Give German courses
“Too little.”

In my head I change the world.
My heart big enough for everyone.
I want to burst with love for you.
A thousand journeys in my head for you.
Give more and more – everything.
The price that I then pay – is myself.
And somehow that, too, is not possible.

So I remain rigid and silent.
No word is right.