Integration can change so much.
Not for the worse, but for the better.
Towards coexistence.

“But it’s not our job to integrate them!”

It is often said that they should learn our language at last.
But how should they learn the language
if we don’t talk to them?

It is often said that they should get to know our culture.
But they can only do that if we show them.

It is often said that refugees are violent.
But aren’t we the violent ones?

Integration only works if we all take part.
If we don’t hide behind all of the prejudices.
Don’t seal ourselves off, but approach the others.

It is often said that the refugees should become like us.
But isn’t every person special, in his or her own way?
It’s diversity that makes the world so colourful.
There would be no more joy if everyone were the same.