Once I was at the river Main with friends.
We were in a good mood, because we were together.
As we sat there, we spontaneously
got to know some Germans.
Each spoke about where he came from,
and of course I was asked too
(when they looked at me it was clear
that I am not German).
I told them that I come from Syria.

Then they started to ask a lot of questions
about the situation in Syria,
and the groups involved in the war
(they had talked in their school lessons
about the Syrian war).
At that moment, however,
I did not want to talk about
such a sensitive subject.
I only wanted to have a good time
with my friends.

But the young people asked more questions
and showed their interest.
I tried to tell them indirectly
that I did not want at that moment
to talk about the war, because I did not want
to spoil my mood.

At the same time I did not want
them to see me
as an impolite person.