I am a Palestinian from Syria
I was forced to leave my beloved homeland
I am the one who conquered countries, sea and mountains
To secure our future
To leave death behind
To forget the war

You would like me to integrate?
But I had to stay in a camp for months
A year ago I thought: at last I am here to help my family
They suffer from the war
I thought I could support them
That I could secure a future for them and my children
But it takes time
And time until I can see them again at last!
I don’t know how much longer I have to wait
Only contingent on
Their staying alive
I take the responsibility

When people are attacked, how can you cope with it?
It is true that not all Syrians and Palestinians are good people
I know for certain that there are bad people
But I also know that this is the case in every country, not only in ours
I am not looking for an excuse
But I need time