Sin Lam Alef Mim to all believers and unbelievers,
Hey guys, wake up from your eternal sleep!
Stop waging these thousand-year wars!
Hundreds of millions are homeless,
Hungry children, humiliated women,
They are dying because of all the religions and their temples.
I do not say that you should become an unbeliever,
I do not say that you should join a particular religion,
But wake up, and see them all as people!

The others look down on us:
Our judges are bribed, there is no justice.
When woman have sex before marriage, their reputation is ruined,
When men do the same, they are heroes.
People follow evil politicians, without thinking for themselves.
The only thing that still matters is waiting in front of embassies.
They all want to flee, nothing else,
Ideally on the next plane.
The schools must be restored, just like our rulers,
They think we are their slaves.
We are proud of our history and our scientists who died long ago
While the country is being torn into a thousand pieces.

Don’t be proud of your nation and where you come from,
Only being proud of your country does not make you better than others.
Do you agree?
Because if you do, don’t delay any longer, and start to change!