Where the Moselle and Rhine rivers kiss, overlooking the city of Koblenz and the Rhine Valley, the world music festival Horizonte has been taking place at Ehrenbreitstein Fortress for 17 years. Artists from over 20 countries performed there this year, contributing to a very pleasant and warm atmosphere, just like the Café Hahn Crew, whose energy and funding annually organize the festival. In the fortress church, Helena von Beyme, Yasser Niksada, Mahdi Hashemi, and Hamed Baluch from The Poetry Project were invited to an ecumenical service, supplementing Jutta Lehnert's sermon with some of their poems, in which she found critical words about the drastic decline in church asylum awarded last year. In addition to the reading, a writing workshop took place during which we had exciting conversations about cultural spaces in the city and artistic and personal authenticity. Our poetry raffle at the merchandise stand added a certain thrill.