How close can one be to Afghanistan right in the heart of Berlin? Hardly closer than at Club Kabul – Taste of Afghanistan, which took place on a golden October Sunday during the Street Food Festival Stadt Land Food at Lausitzer Platz.

The event was organized by Conflictfood, a company that sells fair trade products from conflict regions to support local farmers. Through a live video portal, people could eat at the same table with individuals in Kabul, enjoying Afghan food, engaging in exciting discussions – and with so much good taste, Afghan poetry couldn't be missing.

Amidst saffron lemonades and traditional music, many were moved as our poets Mahdi Hashemi, Robina Karimi, and Shahzamir Hataki recited poems about fleeing, longing for family, and homeland. Many listeners shared these experiences and the longing for Afghanistan, while others listened curiously to voices from the land of the Hindu Kush for the first time. Following this, musician Ustad Ghulam Hussain performed some pieces on his Rubab, and there was dancing, laughter, and applause.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Sabine Grabe for the invitation, and especially to the wonderful audience.