In the courtyard of the FHXB Museum in Kreuzberg, the 4th neighborhood festival of Kotti e.V. took place under the motto "Participate – Discuss – Shape". Framed by a choir performance by Polynushka and music by the DJ team from We Are Born Free Empowerment Radio (We!R), there were also new texts from The Poetry Project to be heard.

"Do not be sad about lost time, but do not forget to cry for the graves of women and men" – 19-year-old Reza Hossaini is a regular member of CampOne Café, a Kreuzberg association where young refugees create a meeting place with changing programs independently. With his poem "A Second for the Innocent," he took the stage for the first time with The Poetry Project at the neighborhood festival, alongside Rojin Namer and Amira Gudegast. The audience listened intently in the courtyard adorned with lanterns and took the opportunity to engage in conversation with their new neighbors.

Moderation: Theresa Rüger