It makes no difference
Which country she grew up in
Which God she believes in
Which ethnic group she comes from –
Women are treated like objects

In Afghanistan forced marriage is normal
A 70-year-old man with a 15-year-old girl
Why does he haggle over her like a sheep or an item on the market?
Where is decency?
Were we women born to be mistreated?

Night or day
Women are afraid to leave the house
Afraid of being attacked by a man
Of being assaulted
We put on more and more clothes
So that no brazen, coarse words assail us

The man who had a thousand women is proud of himself
The woman who leaves her husband
Is exposed to a thousand insults
A man leaves his wife
And the woman may not object in the slightest
She may not utter a word

A daughter hears from her mother:
You are a piece of white cloth
But you get dirty quickly

I know men are anxious about their place in society
Because if women rise
Or depart from men’s lives
The men are nothing