On the day I came to Germany, no one helped me
I did not know whom I could have asked for help
I did not know where I could have gone
The security personnel at the immigration ministry did not answer my questions right
It was a sunny, warm day
Without water, without food, without money
Alone, unaccompanied

Outside the entrance I met a boy
He had been here for four years at that time
I asked him how to draw attention to myself in this country
He answered: I don’t know

They took me to LaGeSo in Turmstrasse
I was suddenly standing there
In the middle of this room
Without a door, without a wall
A sports hall
I was allocated a bed in the middle of this hall
I was the only girl, there, in the middle of this room

Night fell
I felt lonely and was terribly afraid
That someone would come too close
That night I only slept two hours
The strain kept me from sleeping

The following day
My body was so exhausted
So indescribably exhausted
That I could not walk a step
I desperately considered the question
Where should I go now?
Great pain in my heart
Great pain in my body
So much fear in my heart