Germany, you can be grey
Your wind blows through narrow streets
Through blonde and brown and black hair
And for some people it is a problem
That not everyone looks equally German
And what is that supposed to mean?
Germany, can I say you are my country?
Can I wear your colours?
A black and a red and a gold
When flags fly
I have a strange feeling
Germany, I want to say that you are multi-coloured
I’d like to say that you are tolerant
I’d like to say that you are my country
But Germany, where are you going?
To the right, the left, or straight ahead?
And who are the people who think they must defend you?
Who are afraid of change and otherness?
People who shout your name
With so much hate and so much rage
Who are these people who claim to know who you are supposed to be?
What you are for me –
I don’t want to leave it to them
What you will become –
I don’t want to leave it to them
Germany, I’d like to speak your name
and feel good about it