It is not a place
Perhaps a smile
A friendly word
My place is here
The sun in my face
Next to you
Somehow I am searching
Where do I want to go?
I am searching for myself

When I am lonely
I float in words
And try not to drown
I find consolation between sentences
I curl up in word niches
Try to please
And yet to be myself
These questions again and again
What do you do?
Where are you from?
Now an ebb-tide of words
Now a sea of letters

When you ask me
where I belong
I say here and there at the same time
Where I belong
Is not a constant place
Where I belong
A smile is quotidian
But no less lovely
Where I belong
People go hand in hand
Where I belong is more than a city,
more than a country
Where I belong
Familiar eyes shine