Like a grave, the plane takes from you those whom you love.
After your embrace I could no longer walk, like a child with fever.
You and my tears, you kissed my face.
I want to see you again, and again.

You are a bird and I am the earth.
One day the bird will fall to the earth,
and I hear sad songs.

Everything was hard: life, the decision, and the word »either«.
Either die or live on as always.
But »always« is even worse.

I have lost your smile and still miss it.
This way, life is like a room.
Everyone has now left: you, friends, the house.
Only the images remain.
Can we live together (only with them)?

Thinking of you, like a smoker who smokes every five minutes.
I need you and I needed you.
The air moved the door, and I thought:
there love has come.
But the air and the door: both lied.

My father will be sad at parting,
and I am sad at both,
the parting and my father.

The prisoner laughs in prison sometimes,
but regrets it at the next moment,
and my heart is sometimes like a crater.

In the night:
Your images and the smoke,
and I smoke your images
when I have no more smoke.

My dream is that you stand in front of my eyes.
I want to see you before you go to the grave.