Is it a crime,
to have been born in Afghanistan?
Why do I ask?
Because as an Afghan you are treated with disrespect all over the world.
Why is an Afghan not entitled to education in Iran?
Why do we Afghans in Germany
not have the same rights of residence as other refugees?
Even if we were born outside Afghanistan,
we are still stigmatised as Afghans.
Even if we have never seen the country in our lives,
we are reduced to being Afghans only, degraded – or shall we say:
Do you really think
it is easy to leave your mother, your father and your sister?
Do you really think
it is easy to be alone and far from your loved ones?
Do you really think
we want to be alone because we like it?
Only God is destined to be alone.
Only God alone.
And therefore I ask you, in all countries where we Afghans are,
trying to live – stop mistreating us.
Every country produces its benefactors, geniuses and criminals.
But why are we, as Afghans,
all punished if someone breaks the rules or behaves badly? Why are fingers pointed at all of us?
It is not a crime to be an Afghan.
Because I too am a human being.