Do I not have the right to choose my partner?
What makes an Afghan woman different from a German woman?
Both are women!
Is there a difference between being German and being Afghan?
The burden of virtue lies on the shoulders of the woman.
A man does what he wants.
But if I let my will run free, I am the one who is bad.
I am a human being, I breathe, I want to live, I want to be free and fly.
And enjoy the life God has given me.
Why do you want to take this life away from me, to deny me freedom?
I too am a human.

Boy, this is not Afghanistan!
Look around you, open your eyes.
The things you did to me there, you cannot do to a girl here.
Here you do not decide alone.
Here she too decides whether she wants to be with you or leaves.
Here our rights are the same.
You have to recognise me.
Here it is enough to be a woman.